Get to know your target and your audience

With so many companies vying for consumer attention, brands need to get serious about increasing their brand awareness. And while there’s no magic trick to do so, one way to improve this KPI is to utilize target audiences.

It’s not always about how you’re marketing, it’s who you’re marketing to.

If your target audience isn’t responding to your brand campaigns, your brand awareness will suffer. Failing to address unsuccessful communication with your target audience could harm your profits long-term.

Today, 56% of consumers think brands should show a deeper understanding of their needs. Investing time and money into your target audience provides greater insights into how you can better serve your ideal user and market more effectively.

To provide context to our claim, we’ll be looking at a few British travel & lifestyle companies to explore their differences in brand awareness across audiences.

Why Knowing Your Target Audience is Important to Improving Brand Awareness
First, let’s discuss why your target audience plays such an important role in overall brand awareness. For the purpose of this example, you’ll need to swap your brand manager hat for a consumer hat.

Now, think back to a brand campaign that has shown up in your social media feed and left you wondering why you were seeing it. If you’re a runner, you’re probably not the best fit for a yoga product ad. If you hate wine, you’re not going to pay attention to a wine subscription service. Read More

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