We’re not here to be pretty.

We’re here to innovate, make a difference, disrupt.


Once upon a time …

It all started in the 80s. Yes, the 80s.

From the moment I could walk and talk I was ready to make a difference. At ages 5 and 6 I didn’t exactly know how, but I did know that when my teacher told me I had limited career choices–since I was a girl–I was on a mission to prove. them. wrong. That was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard, especially since boys had cooties.

Fast forward.

About 10 years ago, after I launched one of my first companies, many people were still saying being an ambitious woman was ridiculous. They said I should just chill out. Get married, have some kids. There is definitely nothing wrong with that path, but I was flabbergasted.

After so many years, and so many career battles won, I was still getting massive amounts of discouragement. As I talked to other women, I realized they were dealing with very similar issues. The madness had to stop — for me, for them, for the world.

A fire burned inside me. I was on yet another mission to make a difference. That’s why I have dedicated my work life to driving energy to causes that need it, from women’s empowerment to equality for all, and to help orgs and people be the voices of the unheard.

As a result, Vult Lab, my baby, I mean company, was born–an agency that works on social good initiatives.


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